Havic Studios

Jenny K. Hager and d. lance vickery are the sculpture team behind Havic Studios. They started working as artists/sculptors in the mid-nineties and have over 50 years of combined experience. Skilled in a number of artistic and sculptural techniques, they design, create, fabricate, collaborate and facilitate. Community is at the heart of their practice, whereby they also create opportunities for local, regional, national, and international artists and artisans.

Hager + Vickery have exhibited nationally (CA, KY, FL, GA, TN, PA, AL, MS, IN, LA, NM, NC, VA, WV, TX) and internationally (Wales, Italy, Germany, Latvia), working collaboratively with international teams to realize large sculptural projects, performances, and festivals. Both are deeply invested in the Jacksonville community and have created multiple municipal public art projects and large-scale commissions throughout the city.

Recently, Havic Studios won a design competition to create a 27’ long abstract sculpture for the Jessie Ball duPont Center in downtown Jacksonville. The completed work, “Progression” references the mid-century modern architecture of the iconic building and is inspired by the idea of “looking back/looking forward.” Additionally, they were invited to create a 20’ tall steel giraffe for the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens for the new “Donor Plaza” at the entrance of the Zoo. Currently, the team has been working on a series of three public sculptures with Shelby Kentucky Tourism and Shelby Main Street in Kentucky.

Large-scale public outdoor work is incorporated into Hager + Vickery’s personal and teaching practices. Together, they also run a non-profit called Sculpture Walk Jax. Since starting Sculpture Walk Jax, they have placed over 80 temporary and permanent sculptures around the city of Jacksonville – works by other professional artists, their students, as well as their own work. In 2015, both Hager and Vickery were commissioned by the Downtown Investment Authority in Jacksonville to create works that enhanced downtown Jacksonville’s appeal. Hager created a pair of artistic benches that are located in James Weldon Johnson Park (formerly Hemming Park). Vickery created a series of sculptural bike racks inspired by the four elements –  earth, wind, water and fire. The series consisted of 48 separate racks, located in the urban core.

Vickery is a natural problem-solver that brings digital & traditional fabrication experience to the team. Hager is a natural connector and has facilitated multiple projects that involve coordination with municipal entities and community partners. In addition, she has also received state grants and has a great deal of experience working within those complex systems for placemaking and outdoor sculpture projects. 

Team Havic’s ethos is a synergistic creative practice. Hager + Vickery collaborate in both design and execution, playing off each other’s strengths and passions. This dynamic pair has produced a diverse aesthetic and skillset greater than the sum of its parts.