Excited to finally be able to see our “Little Gymnast” sculpture in Simpsonville, KY in person! It was installed in September, but we didn’t get to see it until Thanksgiving!!

One of the coolest things is that people keep sending us images of themselves with our sculpture!!! If you happen to stop by Simpsonville, send us an image and we will post it!

And we got a write up in the Sentinel News! “Shelby KY Tourism initiates sculpture for Simpsonville’s Playful City USA”

American Saddlebred Project

A horse is a horse. Of course. Of course.

— Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

Lance and I are currently working on an American Saddlebred Project for Shelby KY Tourism in Shelbyville, KY.

The horse will be full-scale and will be executed in forged bronze plate. This image illustrates the style we are using to create the horse. The piece will be open-framework, very gestural lines and shapes that create the horse.